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What is the difference between ‘cassetted’ and ‘uncassetted’ for Roller blinds?
If you order an uncassetted roller blind, the roll of fabric will be visible at the top – we will send you bracket covers to hide the fixings and brackets at either end. If you upgrade your roller blind to cassetted, the roll of fabric and fixings at the top will be hidden within a rounded cassette. We offer black, white, beige, silver or anthracite colour options.
How long does the battery last before needing a recharge?
We advise a battery life between charges of between 12 to 15 months on average. This is based on an 'average' sized roller blind, approx 100cm wide by 140cm drop which is extended once a day and retracted once a day.
Where is the battery pack and motor located?
Roller blinds have an integrated motor and battery within the roll of fabric. Honeycomb blinds have a motor within the headrail at the top and an external Li-ion battery pack that connects to the blind. The battery pack most commonly sits up behind the blind out of sight.
Are remote controls included with my Electra blind?
We offer a choice of remote controls, wall switches and smart home accessories. For this reason, a remote is not included as standard.
What is the guarantee on my Electra blinds?
We're so confident in the quality of our products, we provide a free, 3 year extended guarantee on all of our blinds. The standard 1 year manufacturer’s guarantee is enhanced by an additional two years cover on your motor and controls.
I’m looking for total blackout blinds - do Electra Blinds run in side-channels?
Whilst we do offer a vast range of blackout fabrics, Electra Blinds are free-hanging and do not run in side-channels. As such, they are not 100% blackout and you will always have a ‘halo’ of light around the edges of the blind. The halo will be larger...
What type of blinds do you offer?
We offer motorised Roller, XL Roller (over 2m wide) and Honeycomb (Pleated thermal) blinds. All of our blinds are powered by rechargeable Li-ion battery. We do not offer mains powered blinds.
Do you offer mains powered blinds?
At Electra, all of our blinds are powered by discreet rechargeable Li-ion battery. This means you don’t need to worry about wiring them into the mains or unsightly trunking for the cables. Charge up around once a year on average use and enjoy control at the touch of a button for ultimate convenience.
What are your blind hardware colour options?
We offer White, Black, Beige, Silver or Anthracite hardware colour options.
How do I order free fabric samples?
Just click on any blind you like the look of and click 'add free swatch to cart'. You can then checkout with your address details for free.
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Measuring & Fitting
What size is the top of the blind when retracted?
The dimensions of the top of the blind will vary depending on blind type, whether you go for cassetted/uncassetted (roller blinds) and also the height of the blind (honeycomb blinds). Please see our attached dimension drawings.
I have skirting board inside my recess – how should I measure?
This will depend on if you are ordering roller blinds or honeycomb blinds.
Where do I fix my Electra Blinds – to the wall or to the ceiling?
Yes, Electra Blinds can be either top-fix (i.e when fixing inside recess - to the ceiling of the recess) or face-fix (i.e to the wall above the window if you do not have a recess). The fixings we supply are interchangeable.
Do Electra Blinds offer a measuring and installation service?
At Electra, we’re an online shop so offer a DIY service only. Our blinds are really easy to install and we have easy-to-follow measuring guides. We also offer an optional mismeasure protection which will cover you in the unlikely event of any measuring errors.
My blind is smaller than your minimum width for roller blinds (64.5cm) – what are my options?
The minimum width we can offer for Roller blinds is 64.5cm. This is due to the width of the motor unit itself which sits within the roll of fabric. If your blind is under 64.5cm wide, we recommend our Honeycomb blinds which have a minimum width of 43cm...
Do you do perfect-fit blinds?
At Electra, all of our blinds are free-hanging and do not clip directly into the beading or frame of the window. They are incredibly easy to install using simple mounting clips or brackets on the headrail at the top.
Can I fit Electra Blinds into a steel lintel?
To drill into a steel lintel, we would recommend using a HSS drill bit (High Speed Steel) and self tapping screw. The screw diameter should be 0.5mm larger than the bit size. A 3mm HSS bit and 3.5mm diameter pan head self tapping screw is normal. The screw length will depend on the distance from the surface to the steel lintel. The screw will only need to penetrate the lintel by approx. 5mm.
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Technical & Smart Home Options
How do I get my blinds to work with voice activation (Amazon Alexa or Google Home)?
Out of the box, your blinds are operated by radio frequency and will operate with your chosen remote control or wall switch. To operate them via voice activation, a link to your WiFi is required with the TaHoma Switch.
Are Electra Blinds compatible with Siri and Apple Homekit?
Regrettably, our blinds are not currently compatible with Apple Homekit or Siri. You can however operate them via Amazon Alexa or Google Nest if you purchase the TaHoma Switch.
Can I order the TaHoma Switch at a later date?
Yes, you can add your Electra blinds to the TaHoma Switch at any time. We always recommend having a remote control or wall switch as back up anyway in case of power cuts or WiFi connectivity issues.
With what protocol do your motorised blinds operate?
Our blinds are all powered by Somfy motors, the leading supplier of powered blinds components. They work on an RTS system via radio frequency. Our blinds are not compatible with the Zignee or Z wave protocol.
Will your blinds work with my home automation system e.g Lutron or Control4?
Out of the box, our blinds will not be compatible with a home automation system.
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Delivery Questions
What is your current delivery time on blinds?
On average, we aim to despatch in 6 working days. Our courier aim to deliver the next working day, but this is not guaranteed.
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